This oc belongs to PuppyLuverJoy. Ray is Fatima's father.

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Ray is a mature pup like Chase. However, sometimes he is a little more mature than Chase. From time to time he does have fun. Ray likes to temper with fire too. Ray gets mad at Chase easily, but they are the best of friends. Chase and Ray arguing are what makes them have a close bond. He cares for Fatima, Poprock and Mina a lot since its his only small family.

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Ray is white Husky. He has a red collar and red/orange eyes.

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Random Facts: Edit

  • Originally Ray was going to be Fatima's brother but I wanted him to be Fatima's father
  • He has fire powers like Sora

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Young Ray: ~Still deciding~

Older Ray: ~Still deciding~

Crush: Edit

When Ray was young, he had a huge crush on Mina. Luckily, his dreams came true and they ended up having a family together

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