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She was young pup when she got abuse and a bonded her parents died in a fire she what's a family but no one what's her then 3 years later meets Fatima,Pace,Joy,Sora,and danny then starts falling for danny but he never noticceed her a few years later she finds her brothers Hiro and Tadashi and her coz Silhouette Edit

Apperits Edit

She's grayies brownwith black paws and 1 green eye 1 brown eye

Prsonality Edit

She is sweet never mean all was quite and still always reading a book

Random Edit

She is a wolf husky mix

Her nice name is cash

She is a orphaned

Her parents died in a fire

Her crush is danny

Her bff is Fatima

She Thought she was is the only child But She finds her youner Bros Hiro And Tadashi

She was abeus from her mom and dad before they died

She is the smartest pup in the school and the hottest

She loves bacon

She as a stuff pup named joy (from inside out)

She has a rivlery With Silhouette

Voice Edit

Young joy from inside out

Teen sadness from inside out

Adult cass from bh6

Singing zendaya

Reashoiesonships Edit

Danny boyfriend/mate

Fatima bff

Pace bff

Tadashi bro

Hiro bro

Silhouette cuz

Crush Edit

She has a HHHHHUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE crush on danny

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