Artemis belongs to PuppyLuverJoy. He is in present gen. I adopted him from Pipthepuplover. He is taken by my cousin's oc.


Not knowing much about his past he doesn't want to go back to it since it was dark. He didn't want to have a bad reputation like his parents so he left when he was younger. He started a new life and he was happy with it. He met good friends, a lovely cat, and somewhat of a owner who feed him. It was a couple of years later until someone brought him into a loving home. He does like to visit the paw patrol sometimes every now and then. He lived a better life without his his parents.


Artemis is a laid back cat. He can be serious sometimes when its important. He tends to be calm and cool sometimes. He is the "suspicious" cat but he isn't suspicious at all, just quiet and mysterious since he doesn't talk to the paw patrol often. He is rarely seen with the paw patrol. He is goofy from time to time.

When he gets older he is the "serious cat" who takes care of his kittens. He is very protective of them and wants them to be happy all the time. He plays with them and is proud to be a father f such cute kittens. He is goofy when he sees them sad to put a smile on their face.



  • Peaches- Mate/Girfriend
  • Lola- Daughter

Random facts:

  • He was originally gonna have a mate called Luna but changed it
  • I adopted him form Pipthepuplover

Voice actors:

Young: ~Still deciding~

Older: ~Still deciding~


He has a crush on Peaches ever since he saw her.