In the futer tadashi and honey lemon have 4 pup frist born was diamond,chasitiy,lacy then tadashi Jr or tj

Futer gen if tadahoney


He is all black with a tan spot on he left eye 1 brown eye 1 green eye

He is happy_ go _lucky pup he is loveable never mean but he will be mean if your bulling he's famaly and Friends and he is really shy.

He has a crush on Lita


She is all tan with a black paw on her left paw and brown eyes and blue glasses

Mean and rude she is the same as chasity


She is the same as diamond she is all tan with a 1 black paw and brown eyes and blue glasses

Mean and rude and the same they bully there bro tj


Lacey is all white with a yellow tip on her tail. She has 1 green eye and 1 brown eye.

She is quite and calm never talks about nothing she like black


Idk yet


  • PuppyLuverJoy designed Lacy
  • Diamond and chasity are going to have crushis but I'll think about it
  • Tj has a crush on lita
  • Lacy has no cush yet
  • Lacy is goth
  • Both diamond and casity hate tj and lacy because there nice
  • Diamond and chastity are twins
  • In the future diamond and chastity are sweet
  • The name amy was by the amazing puppyloverjoy thanks sis